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Small Composers - to sense togetherness

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Our master thesis "Small Composers - to sense togehterness" has been handed in and approved at Aarhus University, Danish School for Education. We hope that our research can contribute to the debate about creative musical work in school contexts, and that our findings may help further the dissemination of composition as a pedagogic tool in general music education. 

The thesis was based on a survey of FIGURA's Small Composers workshop. These are some of the key findings. 

The pedagogic perspective: The teachers legitimacy as the creator of trust and confidence has a core value in the process. The children learn through musicing. They sense their togetherness in the musical field of meaning. They understand and experience, that musical companionship can create musical expression that further opens itself into a broader life context of meaning, where it may even have an existential significance. They experience what it means to create a piece of music and thus they learn what a piece of music is.  Music creation becomes significant for the childrens’ musical development as they here experience that they can share personal experience. Music offers a particular way of being together, that breaks down prevailing social hierarchies and roles.

The perspective of music creation: Musical meaning emerges among the participants through musicing. Musicing is immediately meaningful, because it happens in lived and living space, where you can sense yourself and each other – sense togetherness. The piece of music is living, dynamic structure; an accumulated field of energy in a musical energy flow. The piece of music in remembrance can become a cultural agent: an artefact which as a re-lived experience turns into new musicing, and hence assumes a deeper meaning than the sheer recollection.

Perhaps the most interesting finding from the survey was how brideling, originally introduced as an epistemological concept, might have a further meaning: Brideling might be the pedagocial token. More than being a concept for scientific interpretation, it may also be a way in which as a practicing professional music teacher one can navigate and act in the field of tension between pedagogical and artistic intentions 

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